Bedwetting or (Nocturnal Enuresis in medical terms) refers to children who are not reliably dry at night. Most children will grow out of bedwetting spontaneously between the age of 3-5 years. Those children who are not dry at night by the time they start school are at risk of having problems going into late primary and high school. In any kindergarten class of 30 there are roughly 10 children still bedwetting. This number will drop with time however, by grade 6 there will still be 3 children who are not dry at night. This is a serious cause of concern because we know now that bedwetting is still present for some 2% of teenagers and adults.


The 5 main causes of Bedwetting are:

  1. Family history
  2. Very heavy sleep
  3. Too much urine produced at night
  4. Small bladder
  5. Constipation

Some children may have one or all of these factors.


Many people have tried alarms, drinking, acupuncture, psychologist and chiropractic treatment without success. However unless a step by step program is implemented, in the correct order disappointing results occur and everyone becomes disheartened. My very simple program involves you and your child coming for a one off appointment to give me a history of the child’s problem and work out the best program to be implemented for your child. I then stay in contact by phone until all is sorted. I am of course available for any questions along the way.

This program has well over 95% success rate.


  • Bladder Training
  • Use of alarm (if needed)
  • Treatment for Constipation
  • Medication – Minirin is used in a small number of cases