Describes repeated emptying of the bladder. Normal bladder function should allow for emptying about every 2 hours. A good fluid intake is required to enable the bladder to function normally. Irritation to the bladder wall after infection ( Urinary tract Infection ) may cause the sensation of needing to “go” frequently. This is often the start of a pattern of frequent emptying . This can occur both in the Day and at Night.


  • Infection – After Urinary Tract Infections the bladder wall may become very inflamed and irritated. This leads to the sensation of needing to ‘go’ frequently.
  • Small Bladder Capacity – A very small bladder reacts to low volumes of urine as if it is reaching capacity causing Frequency.
  • Detruser Instability – Is caused by spasming of the bladder wall resulting in a strong & urgent need to urinate.


  • Bladder Retraining – careful assessment of fluid intake and irritating factors
  • Pelvic Floor Strengthening Exercises – Personalised , graduated X′s over 6 to 12 weeks
  • Medication – in some very difficult cases, however, Bladder Training and Strengthening should be tried first